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Because humanity has elected so many deranged, avaricious idiots over the last few years we have decided to use the Toad Sessions as a way to raise money to combat them.

Therefore everything on this site is available as a free download, but with the opportunity for you to add as much as you want as a donation. Every penny we raise (after Bandcamp fees) will be donated to charities who support refugees, immigrants, people with mental and physical disabilities, LGBTQ youth and victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Mrs. Toad and I will match every donation made with an equal donation of our own, so your contribution will be doubled.

Current charities supported are:
Nightstop UK
Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre
Scottish Association for Mental Health
The Action Group
Scottish Refugee Council
Migrant Help
NHS Support Federation

These charities will change from time to time, depending on the requests of the artists who record sessions for us.

What you get:

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The Happiness Hotel
Edinburgh, UK
The Happiness Hotel is Song, by Toad Records' recording studio, in Leith, Scotland.

All revenue generated from your donations to these recordings will go to charities supporting the homeless, those with mental and physical disabilities, LGBTQ support, victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse, as well as refugees and immigrants.

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